Fixed bugs, made the UI better!

So when I uploaded this game for Narrative Jam 2, instantly a very major game breaking bug was found.

My game is built using Unity, but all dialogue is handled using Inkle. To manage dialogue, I have the Inkle file return to a blank "knot" (think of it like a chapter) whenever there is no dialogue happening. This knot had some debug text inside it that I needed to get rid of before submission. When I deleted this text, I forgot to add in an "->END" statement. Without this statement, Inkle files can get stuck. As such, the dialogue simply stopped working, making the game impossible to play.

With the pressure of the jam off, I used my time to fix this problem. I also overhauled my UI to make selecting dialogue easier, extended the background music, replaced some of the sprites and added a few other bits and pieces. Overall, I'm a lot happier with the game now, although there is always room for improvement.

A big thank you to those who reported the bug to me, and Fred over at the Narrative Game Jam 2 discord for encouraging me to finish the game. I hope to have a Mac build uploaded in the next few days. Hope you enjoy the game!


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May 17, 2021

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